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Lasar Chemicals prides itself on bringing you a superior line of products for all your industrial maintenance needs. From water and solvent based degreasers, to high pressure/high temperature greases, to lubricants and oils, we have something for all of your maintenance requirements.  All of our products are formulated with your safety and the environment in mind.  Let us come to your establishment and work with you to introduce products that will better your workplace and make your establishment more cost effective and efficient.




Lasar Chemicals offers a wide range of janitorial products which have been formulated with the latest advances in technology to make your job easier.  From environmentally friendly cleaners, to multipurpose concentrated degreasers, to ready to use spot remover and glass cleaner, our research and development team aims to bring you the best products for the overall cleanliness of your facilities.  Please take a moment to view our products and then contact us to have a Lasar Chemicals representative visit your facility to demonstrate the versatility and quality of our line and tailor a custom janitorial regimen to best suit your needs.



Lasar Chemicals understands the appeal of a floor that is clean, has a superior gloss, and requires little maintenance. We have tested, improved and produced an unmatched product line that can become an essential part of your floor maintenance program.  Our floor finish is second to none with superior leveling qualities, a scuff resistant finish, and the ability to repair easily with our buffing compound Magic Buff.  In addition to our finish, we have developed no rinse wax strippers, sealers, and heavy duty grime removers.  Our technical representatives are experienced in flooring programs and will work with you to establish a process that will decrease your man-hours while maintaining a professional sanitary atmosphere.  

The busiest floor on this Air Craft Carrier was waxed with Mirror Image to create a durable surface with fantastic shine.  Just clean and buff with Magic Buff and your floors can look like this too!  Schedule an appointment today.



Lasar Chemicals has developed a superior line of epoxy and urethane coatings that come in a variety of colors for a multitude of applications.  Whether you have an industrial space that needs a durable sealant or an office space that needs a decorative floor, we have specialists that can help you achieve your desired result.  Lasar Chemicals’ coating systems have been used in hangar bays, industrial shops, locker rooms, office spaces, aboard naval aircraft carriers, naval ships, and more.  There are limitless possibilities when it comes to the color combination and design of your space and when paired with our decorative paint chips, our coatings will create a one of a kind space that is sure to please.  These products have been manufactured with the latest raw materials and technology to bring solutions to even the toughest of situations.  Our technical representatives are experienced in flooring programs and design, and will work with you to establish a process or create a space that will decrease your man-hours while maintaining a professional attractive atmosphere.  Contact one of our technical representatives today who will work with you to develop a coating system tailored to your needs.


Rust Treatments

One of the most plaguing problems for facilities and maintenance departments is RUST.  Most programs spend hours and hours of costly man power and labor removing corroded areas, only to have this cancerous headache creep back.  We at Lasar Chemicals have focused our efforts on producing a superior line of products to help you tackle this problem.  We have created products to stop rust in its tracks, to quickly and easily remove running rust, and to protect your surfaces from rust.  Call a Lasar Chemicals technical representative today and we can help you establish a program to finally defeat the rust issues that are tarnishing your facility or environment.  


Hand Care

Lasar Chemicals has developed a comprehensive line of hand cleaners that combine gentle conditioning ingredients, which are soothing and healing to the skin, with cleaning and disinfecting agents that are powerful enough to cut through the toughest grease, grime and dirt while at the same time killing harmful germs and bacteria.  From antibacterial hand soaps and sanitizers, to pumice fortified hand cleaner, to easy to use hand wipes, we have and array of products that will benefit your facilities and maintenance departments while keeping your staff healthy.  We have a variety of dispensing systems for our hand soaps and sanitizers that can be easily installed in numerous spaces and provide a stylish yet convenient way to easily and neatly dispense our products.  Contact a Lasar Chemicals technical representative today and we will be happy to work with you to explore our diverse line of hand care products and decide which methods best suit your establishment's needs.



Lasar Chemicals has developed a complete line of deodorizing products to meet all of your odor control needs. From metered air fresheners to deodorizing cleaners to toilet rim cages, Lasar Chemicals has the solution to your specific undesirable odor problem. All of Lasar Chemicals' deodorizing products contain powerful enzymes and/or detergents that neutralize the source of the odor, not just cover it up. So you can be sure that when you choose a Lasar Chemicals product, you are getting the best quality in odor control and elimination. In addition to being powerful, many of Lasar Chemicals deodorizing products are environmentally friendly and come in a variety of pleasant fragrances for you to choose from.



Lasar Chemicals has a comprehensive line of disinfectants for all areas where the spread of germs is a concern. From toilet bowl cleaner to foaming disinfectant cleaner to non-foaming disinfectant spray for non porous surfaces, Lasar Chemicals has a product to address any and all of your germ control needs. All of our products feature a broad range of germicidal, virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and tuberculocidal capabilities, as well as deodorizing properties to leave your space with a light fresh scent. For use in homes, hospitals, military installations, nursing homes, restaurants, schools, doctors and dentists offices, commercial facilities, animal hospitals, or any other institution where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling cross contamination.



Here at Lasar Chemicals we understand what a nuisance insects and other flying pests can be. To combat these irritants Lasar Chemicals has developed several easy to use, highly effective insecticides. Whether you need to bomb an entire room, get rid of a nest, or just treat a small area, we have the products to get the job done. From wasps to bees, to ants, spiders, roaches, houseflies, fleas, mosquitoes and many more, Lasar Chemicals has the products to keep your home or business pest free inside and out.


Ground Maintenance

Lasar Chemicals has several top of the line products to assist you in keeping your grounds beautifully maintained.  In the winter months we offer a unique ice melt product that is in flake form, giving it the ability to stay in place on inclines, cover a larger surface area, and resist high winds.  This product also withstands lower temperatures than rock salt, does not harm concrete or shrubs and grass, and leaves no unsightly residue.  In the warmer months we offer a ready to use non-selective weed killer and soil sterilant.  This powerful product is formulated for above and below ground control of a broad range of annual and perennial weeds and grasses.  Whatever your grounds maintenance needs are, Lasar Chemicals has the products to keep your establishment safe and your curb appeal stunning.



Lasar Chemicals is committed to providing not only high quality products and excellent customer service, but also to answering the call for products that are in demand and necessary for solving our customer's problems.  That is why we are proud to introduce our new line of Lasar Chemicals Absorb King products.  From Spill Kits in various sizes, to Mat Pads and Rolls, to DrumTop Pads, Lasar Chemicals has the absorbents to help you keep your facility neat, safe, and within regulations.  Each product in our Absorb King line is available in Universal Absorbency, for spills of oils, coolants, solvents and water, as well as Oil Only Absorbency for spills of petroleum based liquids.  Spills can happen any time, and can lead to regulation violations or even worse - slips and falls.  Be prepared for quick response with Lasar Chemicals Absorb King products.  Call today to set up an appointment with one of our Tech Reps, and see which of our absorbent products are right for you.



At Lasar Chemicals we are committed to providing every customer with exceptional service and products, as well as a complete selection of equipment to enhance the performance of our products, and assist in the application and everyday use of them.  From hand soap and sanitizer dispensers, to pumps, bottles and spray heads, to gloves, shoe covers and rollers, we provide everything you need to maintain your facility or give your space a facelift with a beautiful new floor coating.  Check out our equipment list today and let Lasar Chemicals fulfill your facility maintenance needs.



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