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MELT EASE Ice and Snow Melting Flakes

MELT EASE is a unique chemical compound in flake form that melts more ice and snow, works faster at lower temperatures, and for longer periods, than rock salt.  MELT EASE melts ice and snow at temperatures to -51°C and is not limited to bitter cold conditions like rock salt.  The unique flake design of MELT EASE allows a stay in place ice melt for inclined areas, while at the same time prevents blow off from winds that effect most ice melts like rock salt.  MELT EASE covers a greater surface area, making it more efficient and safer than rock salt, allowing you to reduce your overall budget by using less ice and snow melting material.  When used according to directions MELT EASE leaves no unsightly, messy residue, and does not harm concrete, shrubs or grass. MELT EASE is non corrosive, which aids in reducing metal fatigue.  Use MELT EASE to help prevent slips and falls and keep your establishment safe.



  • Quick acting

  • Flake form

  • Generates heat

  • Non-trackable

  • Economical

  • Effective down to -51°C (-59°F)



  • Thaws ice & melts snowFaster than rock salt

  • Gives traction; No residue

  • Non corrosive; No harm to grass or shrubs

  • Resists blow off

  • Ensures greater safety

  • Helps prevent refreezing


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Contract #: GS-21F-030BA
Contract #: GS-07F-008DA
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