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DE RUST Rust Neutralizer and Primer (Quart)

DE-RUST (Qt.) is a water based rust neutralizing treatment that stops old rust and coats iron or steel surfaces to prevent new rust.  DE-RUST's neutralizing chemicals combine with rust to convert it into a hard black polymer surface that produces superior lasting protection against weather elements.  It is not necessary to use labor or time consuming methods to remove all traces of rust.  Rust is required for a proper chemical reaction.  The black protective coating will begin to appear in about 5 minutes and, under normal conditions, be dry to the touch in 1/2 hour.  DE-RUST can be used as a primer or undercoating for many paint systems.  Hazardous cleaners associated with most primers or paints are not required for clean up of equipment when using DE-RUST.  Warm water and detergent work excellent to provide for environmental friendly clean up.



  • Penetrates through rust

  • Neutralizes existing rust

  • Ready to use

  • Wide mouth bottle

  • Prevents new rust

  • Works and dries quickly

  • Acts as a primer

  • No acid prep required

  • Forms hard black surface

  • Water based

  • Provides water proof coating

  • Protects surface it is applied to



  • Minimizes surface prep

  • Eliminates harmful effects of rust

  • Ease of application for personnel

  • No mess dispensing

  • Protects surface it is applied to

  • Minimizes downtime

  • Reduces product inventory/cost

  • Reduces user hazards

  • Resists wear for long lasting finish

  • Easy clean up

  • Protects from harsh environment

  • Saves costly replacement


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Contract #: GS-21F-030BA
Contract #: GS-07F-008DA
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