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OVERCOAT Rubberized Coating

OVERCOAT Rubberized Coating provides a super thick, water tight, durable and flexible rubberized film to reduce sound and vibration, prevent corrosion and fill in minor cracks and voids. Effective on metals, wood, roofing materials, tin, concrete and more. OVERCOAT resists cracking, peeling and abrasion, and is effective over a wide temperature range. OVERCOAT stays pliable in winter cold and will not sag, melt or drip in the summer heat. Use on equipment to prevent corrosion, overlapping seams, gravel stops, A/C drip pans, gutters, below grade foundations and for minor leak repairs.



  • Water tight seal

  • Flexible and resistant to cracking & peeling

  • Easy to apply & reduces clean up

  • Effective over a wide temperature range

  • Convenient aerosol spray




  • Prevents corrosion

  • Fills in minor cracks and leaks

  • User friendly

  • Versatile use

  • Can be applied in thin or thick coat


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Contract #: GS-21F-030BA
Contract #: GS-07F-008DA
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