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SPARKLE RTU Glass Cleaner 

SPARKLE RTU is a solvent-free, glass and multi-surface ready-to-use cleaner formulated to meet GS-37 standards for green cleaning chemicals.  It’s  excellent cleaning and non-streaking performance is the result of state-of-the-art thin film polymer technology.  SPARKLE RTU is especially good for cleaning glass, plexiglas, Lexan, mirrors, metal, and other shiny surfaces.  SPARKLE RTU dries quickly and leaves the cleaned surface streak-free and squeaky-clean.  SPARKLE RTU is totally biodegradable and contains no solvents, phosphates, or other harsh chemicals.



  • Biodegradable

  • No VOCs

  • Ready to use

  • Contains no solvents, caustics or acids

  • Dries streak-free

  • Can be used on multiple hard surfaces



  • Environmentally friendly

  • User friendly

  • Versatility cleaner

  • Safe on surfaces

  • Cleans easily and quickly

  • Economical


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Contract #: GS-21F-030BA
Contract #: GS-07F-008DA
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