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FRESHEMS Rim Cages with Deodorizer and Blue Cleaner

FRESHEMS rim cages use advanced technical design to combine the effective odor killing, bowl cleaning rim stick with the “Non-Drip” valving system that eliminates the blue dripping streak down the inside of a toilet bowl.  In addition, FRESHEMS combines the latest in powdered bio-culture enzymes to help maintain drain lines and to “reseed” septic tanks.



  • Destroys unpleasant odors

  • Conditions incoming water

  • Activates with the flush of water

  • Disposable holder

  • Fits all toilet bowls



  • Provides a clean fresh fragrance

  • Reduces scale build up

  • Reduces manpower

  • Easily removed

  • Versatile


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Contract #: GS-21F-030BA
Contract #: GS-07F-008DA
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